Puppy in for check up

5 Ways to Prevent your Puppy or Dog Having Separation Anxiety as you Return to Work

WHEN YOUR PUP IS ANXIOUS THEY SHOW THE FOLLOWING SIGNS: · Low appetite · Toilet accidents indoors where pups have been previously well trained · Barking/Howling/ Frequent Yawning and lick smacking. · Pacing/Circling · Escaping from the house or garden · Chewing/Digging/Scratching – destructive behaviour · Exuberant welcome home Repeated licking of themselves or bedding … Continue reading “5 Ways to Prevent your Puppy or Dog Having Separation Anxiety as you Return to Work”

Christmas Catch Up

Wendy Lundy “I’ve settled in to the Petcare Vets team and am enjoying being back in a Veterinary Practice.  My lovely lurcher Pepper is now 2.5 years old.  He loves coming to see Mairead for his three monthly health checks. What we both enjoy most of all is runs on the beach even in this … Continue reading “Christmas Catch Up”

Happy Pets

Anxiety in our pets is common and we usually misread it as “bad behaviour”. Firstly it can occur at any stage in our pet’s life. Importantly the causes of anxiety are multi factorial. However at this time of year, our pets can feel particularly anxious due to the house becoming empty after the school holidays. … Continue reading “Happy Pets”

Hot Weather Tips

Summer is here so get out the sunglasses, sandals and sun cream to keep safe and cool. However our pets will also need help to stay safe and cool during times of extreme heat and humidity. Read on for our top tips to help them be the coolest pet on your street. Water Keep a … Continue reading “Hot Weather Tips”