Free Meet and Greet

What Is a Free Meet & Greet

A Meet and Greet will be carried out by an experienced Vet or Vet Nurse who is part of the Petcare Vets Team. It is a full consultation of a 20 minute slot to go through Your Pets Health from cute nose to furry tail. It includes a full examination of your pet, answering of any questions you have on their health and behaviour and a thorough review of their available documents including previous clinical history where available

Meeting new pets at petcare vetsWhat Does a Free Meet & Greet NOT Include

Medications required, nail clips , anal gland expressions, blood tests, vaccinations, this will be charged at the normal rate should you opt to have them done with us.

Will I be expected to Sign Up to Anything to Avail of this Service?

No. There is no obligation to sign up to anything on the day. You will be asked to fill in a registration form so that we can consider your pet registered with us, however you are not obliged to use our services again in the future and you will not be contacted by us unless you have opted in to receive updates and online newsletters from us at the time of registration. You may be offered services such as vaccinations, diagnostic tests or free visit plans should they be appropriate for your pet, however you are not obliged or expected to accept these offers on the same day or indeed at all, with the one exception being the case where your pet is considered to be suffering on welfare grounds.

Who Can Avail of Free Meet & Greets?

Free Meet & Greets are available for new pets, even you have attended the clinic with a different pet previously. They are not available for sick, injured or unwell pets, or for foster pets or litters of puppies or kittens that have not yet been handed over to their forever home. They are intended as a registration and full review of your pets general health and vaccination status, a free clinical exam and as much free advice as we can possibly fit into a 20 minute session. Come prepared to make the most of the session by having a look around the rest of our website for some great advice that may lead to you developing a full list of questions that you need to ask about your pet. Is Your Pet eligible? Book your Meet & Greet here.

Why Do We Offer a Free Visit with A Vet to Your New Furry Family Member completely Free of Charge?

So that your new Furry Family Member having now found their Forever Home, may find their Forever Vet Team.  This is a big decision to make and so Free Meet and Greets are just that, they are FREE and No Obligation. If you are not happy with the location, the parking, the friendliness of the team you are not obliged to return, in this instance, if you would have time, we would however LOVE a brief email with your experience so that we can improve our services! If you are happy with us we would LOVE EVEN MORE a positive Google or Facebook Review on Google! Thank You!

In addition, Our Motto at Petcare Vets is “Taking  Care of Pets, Taking Care of People”.  Free Meet and Greets are designed to get  familiar with us before you decide that You and Your Pet are comfortable and happy with us and our general approach.

Some of the Petcare vets teamWhat is Our Approach and Why Does It Make Us Different

We adopt a pro active approach designed to keep pets healthy rather than waiting for a sickness, often preventable, from occurring. In addition many illnesses such as sore ears, itchy paws, obesity, dental disease, lameness and old age ailments can be very subtle and you may have thought it normal but actually Your Pet could have a much better quality of life with some help to get these issues under control. Ailments can be picked up at an earlier stage by a trained professional thus saving your pet suffering in silence before they finally make you aware by an obvious change in behaviour. It also saves your pocket from dealing with a much more difficult and expensive disease further down the line.  We never recommend treatments that are unnecessary or not in the best interest of Your Pets Health. We will also always consider your current lifestyle and preferences when helping you decide on the best treatment option for your pets. We take time to explain why it is being recommended. That is why all our consult times are scheduled to be twenty minutes long – currently unrivalled Vet Care per minute value, especially with your first twenty minute session often being a free no obligation consult.

You made it to the end of the page! Well Done For Investing This Time in Checking Out Veterinary Care Options for Your Pet! Why not make an appointment with us now using our 24 hour online booking service? Looking forward to meeting your special furry family member soon for A Positive and Pro Active Health Experience!