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For Clients Seeking Out of Hours Emergency  Service overnight or at weekends after Please Call: 012609920.
For Veterinary Assistance and Advice 6pm to 7pm or 7:30am to 9am Monday to Friday please call 0833747834

Opening Hours as at June 2022:

Monday, Tuesday , Thursday 9am to 6pm Wednesday and Friday 9am to 5pm. Closed on Saturday and Sunday

PETCARE VETS opened in Charlesland, Greystones in July 2017. We are proud to be able to offer an extensive range of services with modern,  leading-edge facilities including:-

Vet Mairead Kilbride MVB leads the team with a  focus on client care, staff wellbeing and animal welfare, using best practice methods gained from  fifteen years experience in the UK and Ireland.

Our Motto is “Taking care of Pets, Taking care of People”.  
We know how important the owner pet bond is and offer the highest standards of care and advice.

Our Mission:
We Encourage Pet Owners to Create a Happy Life with their Pet.
Our Values: 

 Listening to Understand
Each of our Pet Owners feel heard and are satisfied that we fully understand their point of view before we can plan and prescribe appropriate care and treatment plans for their pets. 

Comprehensive Care
At Petcare Vets, Pets and their Owners will have their entire situation reviewed and factored into their treatment. This includes practicalities of home life,  current physical and emotional health  of the pet,  lifestyle recommendations for maintaining or improving future pet health and ensuring the the fun part of the pet owner relationship is preserved. We treat the Whole Pet each time,  not just the illness, and help you to continue to do so at home. 

At work and outside of work we show the highest level of respect  for Colleagues, our Company and Brand. Each persons role is different but understood by all team members to be vital to our Mission. We show respect to each other by asking for help, being polite and speaking well of one another. We show respect to our brand by each and every  team member adopting responsibility for our profitability, so we can spread our brand to more Pets, Pet Owners and Veterinary Professionals who then benefit from  the Petcare Vets  high standard of care.  

We encourage  each other to constantly upgrade our knowledge & skills and are open to new approaches, sometimes out of the traditional veterinary medicine field,  so that our standards of service  improve constantly and we have a happy work environment. We are open to each others ideas and our clients feedback on how to achieve this. 

Meet the team

Mairead Kilbride Veterinary Principle

Mairead Kilbride MVB – Practice Principle

Mairead graduated in 2006 from University College Dublin. She has enjoyed a variety of positions in Ireland, the UK and Australia with both large and small veterinary clinics. The very best practices gleaned over those 11 years are now combined in the founding of Petcare Vets.

She has a particular interest in fostering a positive and calm atmosphere for pets and their people and this is central to the Petcare Vets experience.

Particular veterinary interests include canine and feline dentistry as well as dog training and behaviour.

Maria Reidy RVN

Maria Reidy Dip VN RVN -Veterinary Nurse

Maria graduated from University College Dublin in 2008. She has worked in a wide range of veterinary practices in Ireland and abroad. She has nursed in a referral spinal and orthopaedic clinic, general practice and pet insurance in Ireland. She also worked in a busy accident and emergency hospital in Auckland.

Her favourite part of the job is getting to know pets and their owners in order to give the best level of care and compassion to your furry family members.

Wendy Lundy, Receptionist at Petcare Vets

Wendy Lundy – Receptionist

Wendy qualified in Veterinary Nursing in 1987 and worked as a Veterinary Nurse in the UK before going on to work for a Pet Insurance company. When she returned to Ireland she used her veterinary nursing knowledge promoting premium pet foods.

Wendy took a change of direction then and for 5 years was the manager of a jewellery shop.  After a break of 15 years and 2 boys, she is delighted to be back working with animals again at Petcare Vets.  She brings a host of life experience. Her aim is to provide a caring and listening ear to every pet and owner who visits the practice.

Eoin Whelan MVB, Vet at Petcare Vets

Eoin Whelan MVB – Veterinary Surgeon

Eoin graduated in 2008 from University College Dublin. Since then he has worked in a variety of clinics in Ireland, England and New Zealand working with both large and small animals.  This has given him an insight into different approaches to animal welfare and healthcare.

He has a keen interest in both soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery and is currently undertaking a certificate in small animal surgery. He is happy to be able to use these skills to look after the Petcare Vets family.