Back-To-School tips for your dog

So its that time of the year again, time for school bags, packed lunches and the daily routine. But its also time to get your dog ready for being left alone in a quiet house. After a summer filled with playtime and hugs your dog is bound to miss the kids. Fear not, we at PETCARE VETS are here to help you. Here are 4 simple tips to help ease your dog back into the winter routine.

Back to school ruff on dogs1. Mirror the school routine

Set your alarm to get up as on a school day and bring your dog outside for the toilet or walkies. Set exercise and meal times to the new routine.

2. Slowly get them used to being alone

Ease your dog into being left alone. Start slowly and build up to longer periods. This will prove to your dog that you will return and there is no need to fret.

3. Invest in interactive toys

Interactive toys such as Kong products and puzzle games are a great way to occupy your dogs mind. A bored dog can be a destructive dog. So get your thinking cap on and get some fun (house saving) toys.  These can be bought at your local vets and pet shops.

4. Doggy Day Care or a Dog Walker

If your dog has to stay at home for extended periods of time perhaps dropping them off at a doggy day care a few times a week could help. Or perhaps a local dog walker could visit your dog once a day for a walk and playtime. These two options could be very beneficial to socialise your dog and ward off boredom.

Happy Back-To-School to all our furry and non-furry friends from PETCARE VETS

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