Corona Virus (Covid 19) and Your Pet – Current Advice

Your Pets Health and Hygiene

There is no evidence of pets (dogs , cats, rabbits) giving the virus to people at this time, However pets are part of the household and should have the same restrictions applied, eg should observe the 2 metre rule and not be playing or mixing with other pets out on a walk.This is because they could transfer droplets containing the virus on their coat, the same way a piece of clothing could.

Also it is advisable to sneeze into your elbow, or a tissue and wash your hands before and after touching your face or your pet. Also, do not have your pet up around your face and avoid kissing them to minimise the potential amount of contaminated droplets on their coat. As we do not know who may be shedding virus and who may not, his is for everybody not just for people diagnosed or feeling ill but for all pet owners,

Cocooning or Ill Pet Owners

As the chances of you contracting something from interacting with your pets coat after they have been out is much lower than getting something by being out yourself, we would advise that you arrange for an alternative person to take your dog out walking, within a 2k radius,  or to take care of your pet or rabbit. We would advise against having your pet snuggled up in the bed with you, as comforting as that may be, as this would mean their coat is heavily contaminated when the pet does go out. And could place your friendly dog walker at increased risk

Special advice for cats and cat owners

Many cats usually go in and out of the house this is particularly important. This means you should not touch a cat that is not belonging to your household. While it is ok to handle your own cats, do not kiss or snuggle them excessively as they may then enter another household. Many cats have two homes and there is an understanding between owners about shared care, this needs to be clearly communicated so that the cat is only handled in its primary home and the secondary home do not allow it indoors at all during this time.

Accessing Veterinary Care

Always phone ahead and be prepared to comply with the veterinary team specifications such as video consultations not entering the clinic with your pet and waiting outside. If our veterinary teams gets sick then there will be no vets available to take appropriate care of your pets when they need it. Please see your local vets website or call ahead for more advice.

New Pets

We would advise against getting new puppies or kittens during this time, even though it is tempting due to all the time at home we have! Acquiring a new pet means unnecessary journeys and interactions with people. In addition when a person gets a new puppy or kitten they require a lot of help, regarding health checks, worming and vaccinations with the vets and pet shops, which means more interactions. Also it is impossible to do the appropriate background checks under the current restrictions.  Puppies and kittens will be well cared for in their current homes for the next two weeks. 

Safety in the home & Stressed Pets

Unfortunately we have had reports of stressed out dogs snapping at confined children among our own clients. As we know dogs will pick up on anxiety and stress in the home. It is so important particularly with dogs to know the warning signs (as displayed on the Ladder of Fear) and the things that dogs particularly are uncomfortable with. for the Ladder of Fear see (its not just for new babies) For reducing anxiety check out :

The following precautions can be offered for those at higher risk: 

For Advice or Reassurance

If you have a particular concern, please feel free to contact us 012870321 and we will be happy to help you.

The Petcare Vets Team 12/03/2020 – Taking Care of Pets, Taking Care of People

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