This advice has been spread far and wide for years. However despite the numerous ad campaigns abandoned or surrendered pets are a huge problem in Ireland. Charities and shelters are bulging at the seams with unwanted dogs and cats. This is especially true come every January.

If you are thinking of getting a new puppy or kitten please take a read of our advice below and hold off until after Christmas when you have given it more thought and consideration.


Why Pets Are Not Gifts

A pet is a living creature and not a commodity we can throw away after a few weeks. Pets require love, attention, food, water, shelter, exercise and vet visits. If you are unwilling to provide these things for its lifetime (up to 18 years for dogs and cats and up to 12 years for rabbits) then don’t get a pet no matter what the time of year.

Reputable breeders and shelters will not sell or re-home a pet for Christmas. This is because a huge amount of these pets will either be returned or abandoned come the new year. Breeders that sell animals around the Christmas period are typically not reputable. This means the mothers, fathers and puppies may be kept in very poor conditions on puppy farms. You can help put a stop to this animal cruelty by not buying for Christmas.

In summary  it is best not to buy pets as presents for other people but especially not for Christmas. Let a person choose their own pet and be responsible for it as a creature and family member, not a product.


As If That Wasnt Enough!

A household at Christmas is a very loud and busy place which is not a good environment to introduce a pet to family life. In order to have a happy and calm adult pet you first need to have a happy and calm puppy or kitten. So hold off until the dust of Christmas has settled.

Despite all these reasons a new pet to your family can bring so much joy and love but this can only happen if you take responsibility and prepare for the time and cost involved. If a pet is the right decision for you and your family then it will still be the right decision after Christmas too.

Check out  what it takes to have a new pup, kitten or rabbit on our handy guides here Puppy Guide as well as New Rabbit Guide  and Kitten Guide for some more great advice and help calculating how much money and TIME it takes to keep a pet. Check out if youv’e really got what it takes to be a Pet Parent before taking the plunge!’

Last of all a new pet can be something to look forward too after the buzz of Christmas is over . Have fun searching for your new pet and contact us at Petcare Vets for any advice you may need and have a very Merry Christmas!


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By- Maria Reidy RVN Maria is A Registered Veterinary Nurse working at Petcare Vets Charlesland. For more great advice and services 1 on 1 Nurse Clinics are available with Maria by calling  012870321 or using our Book an Appointment Online Button. For more information see  here

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