Easter Time Dangers For Your Pet

Easter time is a fun filled time for all the family. Spring is in the air with long evenings and lots of chocolate treats and fresh flowers in the house and gardens. However, we must remember to keep all these items out of the reach of our beloved pets.

Easter Eggs

Chocolate contains the toxin Theobromine. Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters cannot break down this ingredient like humans can. It causes a toxic build up in their system which can lead to severe poisoning. Signs include, vomiting, lethargy, wobbly walk and sleepiness.  If you suspect your pet has eaten any amount of chocolate contact Your Local Vets immediately.

Aluminium Foil

Not only is the chocolate in your Easter egg a hazard for your pet but the foil wrapping is one too! The foil along with the hard plastic and cardboard box can all potentially cause gastrointestinal blockage that may require emergency surgery to remove.  Keep these out of your pets reach.

Spring Bulbs

This is the time of year for sprouting flowers and gifting flowers to family and friends. The most popular flowers for this time of year are the daffodil and the lily. These bulbs and flowers are poisonous to your pet. It can cause them to vomit, become very sleepy and wobbly and even cause your pet to have fits. Keep the flowers and bulbs well out of reach and supervise your pet when outside if he likes to dig in the garden.


Those little baby chicks, bunnies and plastic eggs that tend to decorate our house or given as gifts to children seem innocent but to your pet they may look like a tasty snack. These are a choking and gut blockage hazard which should be kept away from your pet at all times.

Easter Basket Fillers

These wicker baskets filled with false grass and plastics are another form of potential choking hazard and a gut blockage. A puppy would especially like to have a nibble on a wicker basket causing cuts to the mouth along with gastrointestinal obstruction if swallowed.

Raisins, currants and sultanas

Hot cross buns are a favourite treat for many over Easter. Be aware that dried fruits found in these buns are toxic and can lead to kidney failure. Just a few can potentially be fatal. Don’t take the risk and keep the yummy treat for yourself.

The best way to keep safe this Easter is to be vigilant and keep hazards out of little paws reach.

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By- Maria Reidy RVN. Maria is A Registered Veterinary Nurse working at Petcare Vets Charlesland. For more great advice and services 1 on 1, Nurse Clinics are available with Maria by calling  012870321 or using our Book an Appointment Online Button. For more information click here

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