Hot Weather Tips

Summer is here so get out the sunglasses, sandals and sun cream to keep safe and cool. However our pets will also need help to stay safe and cool during times of extreme heat and humidity. Read on for our top tips to help them be the coolest pet on your street.


rabbit in vets

Keep a fresh water bowl and rabbits drinking bottle full and near by so they can drink when they feel like it. Another idea is to put a few ice cubes into the water to help it stay cooler for longer. Pets love to paw at the cubes too-a nice cool toy to play with on a hot day. And they work really well in rabbit and guinea pig drinkers too to keep the water cool.


NEVER leave your pet in a car on a hot or humid day. Not even with a window rolled down. This will do nothing to help prevent your pet from overheating. Your pet can fatally overheat within a few minutes of being left alone in a parked car. The easy and safe option is to leave your pet at home if you are heading to the shops.


Healthy vaccinated dog

Reduce exercise to a minimum during a particularly hot day or for the entirety of a heat wave. Walk your dog early morning or late evening when the temperatures are lower. Never walk during the danger hours between 11 am -3 pm as this is the hottest time of the day. For cats and rabbits make sure they have adequate shade and access to the indoors for time to cool off. Let your outdoor rabbit live in a well ventilated garage during a heatwave in order to keep cool.

Pump up the paddling pool!

Let your dog have a paddle and jump around in a paddling pool or an empty sand pit. Set it up in the shade and it will help for particularly active dogs that want exercise during the afternoon.

Too hot to touch!

Be mindful of your dogs paws during their daily walkies. Place your hand down on the footpath for 5 seconds and if its too hot for you to keep your hand on it, then its too hot for their paws. Skip the walk or change your route to a grassy shaded area.

Don’t forget the sun cream

Children’s sun cream is safe to use on your pet. For dog’s rub some onto the tips of their nose or any part of the body which has sparse hair growth, like their belly. For cats and white rabbits its particularly important to protect the tips of their ears. Even 100% indoors cats can get sun burnt from sunbathing inside windows.

Remember to keep safe and cool but also have lots of fun this summer time!

By- Maria Reidy RVN. Maria is A Registered Veterinary Nurse working at Petcare Vets Charlesland. For more great advice and services, 1 on 1 Nurse Clinics are available with Maria by calling  012870321 or using our Book an Appointment Online Button. For more information click here

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