Pet Parasite Action

We want to help you take year-round action to fight against flea’s, worms and ticks.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should take action now

1. They make your pet sick

fleas and worms

Fleas: It can take only one flea bite for your pet to develop a skin allergy, however, there is never just one flea. Where there is one there are many! Your pet could be allergic to the flea’s saliva which will cause an unrelentless itch. If left untreated the skin may get infected. Fleas are a carrier of tapeworm so if your pet eats a flea then it increases the risk of tapeworm infestation.

Worms: A heavy worm burden can cause your pet to have a very upset gut which leads to weight loss, change of appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea and some worms cause coughing. Some worms can be fatal too.

Ticks: These blood suckers can cause considerable irritation for your pet as they latch on with their mouths to feed on blood. They also carry diseases which although rare, can be fatal for your pet.

2. Protect your family

Fleas: They will not find us as tasty as your dog cat or rabbit but fleas are opportunistic and will jump on to have a bite regardless. This will leave you with sore red lumps on your skin which are very itchy.

Worms: Many worms are zoonotic, which means they may pass to humans. Children are the most susceptible to this as they are still learning about good hand hygiene and not to put objects into their mouths. Pregnant women and immune suppressed adults are more vulnerable than other adults.

Ticks: They carry Lyme disease, which can be a very serious condition to treat.

3. Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there!

Fleas: You might not see an adult flea jumping around on your pet’s coat but their poo might be there! Get your vet or vet nurse to check your pets coat for flea poo.


Worms: They live in the gut and mostly will not be seen in your pet’s poo.

Ticks: They may be missed in skin folds or thick coats.

4. Parasites live outdoors and indoors

Fleas: Adults, larvae and eggs live very comfortably in the grass and undergrowth outside just as much as in your carpets, cracks in wooden floors and bedding, all year round.

Worms: Eggs live in soil, poo, slugs and snails. They are easily brought indoors on the sole of your shoe. So even 100% indoor pets need treatment too.


Ticks: They live in lush green shrubbery all year round. They are most abundant from February to October but mild winters mean they can be hiding all all year through.

5. Take Action

Our philosophy is that prevention is better than cure. To prevent your pet from getting parasites couldn’t be easier nowadays. We have tablets, spot-on’s and collars that offer a vast range of protection to suit you and your pet’s lifestyle. To ensure that you have the appropriate prevention treatment, get it from your local vets and not from the super market as some of these products do not offer full protection

Take action now and contact us to book a Nurse appointment to get a tailored year round parasite protection plan. Available for dogs, cats and rabbits.

For more parasite information and FAQ’s click here

How Much Does it cost to protect my pet? Pets under 25kg can be protected for as little as €10 per month and rabbits for €6 per month on our great Free Visit Plans. Click here

By- Maria Reidy RVN. Maria is A Registered Veterinary Nurse working at Petcare Vets Charlesland. For more great advice and services, 1 on 1 Nurse Clinics are available with Maria by calling  012870321 or using our Book an Appointment Online Button. For more information click here

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