Safe Dog Walking For You And Your Dog

Dog Walking on Greystones South BeachWe all love bringing our best buddies for their daily walkies. Their tails wag, they bounce with excitement and almost say “Lets Go!”. But how do we keep the happy times going when actually out for walkies. Here are our 4 main tips for happy outings for your dog and your family.

Lead Walk Only

Keep your dog on a lead for the entire time of the walk especially in built up areas. This ensures you have complete control of your dog’s safety and will prevent any mishaps with other dogs, people and traffic. Even the best trained dogs can have off days.

Teach Children From A Young Age

Children will not be aware that some dogs may not appreciate a rub and this may cause your dog to act out of character by snapping. Children should not approach dogs that are unattended for instance tied up outside shops for the same reason. Adults and Children alike need to always ask permission to pet a dog before doing so.  Be mindful that your dog may be stronger than your child and only an adult should hold the lead during walkies.

Service Dogs

Amazing dogs, such as guide dogs, play an essential role to so many in our communities. These dogs are working when they are outside their homes, so please be aware that you, your child or your dog should not interrupt a working service dog. Again always ask the adult with the dog if you can pet the dog before approaching.

Be Seen!

We wear reflective clothing when walking in the evenings so why not your dog too. You can buy reflective coats, collars, leads and tags. So get some canine fashion advise and ask Your Local Vets or pet shop for more info.

Let’s all make the effort and be safe, be polite, be aware, always be seen and don’t forget the poo bags too!


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