30 Minute Meet and Greet

What Is a Meet & Greet

A Meet and Greet will be carried out by an experienced Vet or Vet Nurse who is part of the Petcare Vets Team. It is for pets under 17 weeks of age, and is very thorough, amazing value and includes  all of the the following

  1. A full physical health & weight check for the new puppy or kitten and microchip scan, and review of  paperwork/previous  vaccinations treatments
  2. An extra 15 minutes of consultation time to allow you to ask anything.
  3. All questions answered about needs and care at home and at the vets including behaviour and training advice, grooming, previous and future vaccination, worming etc
  4. A Tailored care plan available for your individual puppy with prices given and advice on maintaining optimum longterm health, this is a critical time for setting in place a healthy basis for weight, joints, teeth ears and skin care.
  5. An opportunity for a first no obligation visit to the practice to experience our standards of care and decide if you would be happy for us to be your longterm veterinary care provider
  6. Finally and very importantly a Positive experience for puppy or kitten so that they are not fearful  in future

Meeting new pets at petcare vets

Who Can Avail of 30 minute Meet & Greets?

30 minute Meet & Greets are available for new and healthy puppies, kittens and baby rabbits up to the age of 17 weeks of age. So that they can get used to the clinic without having anything they find uncomfortable carried out at their very first visit.  Book your Meet & Greet here.

Why Do We Offer an extended Visit with A Vet to Your New Pet for no extra charge?

So that your new Furry Family Member having now found their Forever Home, may find their Forever Vet Team. 

Our Motto at Petcare Vets is “Taking  Care of Pets, Taking Care of People”.  

Some of the Petcare vets teamWhat is Our Approach and Why Does It Make Us Different

We adopt a pro active approach designed to keep pets healthy rather than waiting for a sickness, often preventable, from occurring.

In addition many illnesses such as sore ears, itchy paws, obesity, dental disease, lameness and old age ailments can be very subtle and you may have thought it normal but actually Your Pet could have a much better quality of life with some help to get these issues under control.

Ailments can be picked up at an earlier stage by a trained professional thus saving your pet suffering in silence before they finally make you aware by an obvious change in behaviour.

It also saves your pocket from dealing with a much more difficult and expensive disease further down the line. 

We will always consider your current lifestyle and preferences when helping you decide on the best treatment option for your pets and take time to explain why it is being recommended.

Why not make an appointment with us now using our 24 hour online booking service? Looking forward to meeting you and your new family member.