By law all dogs need to be microchipped and the chip needs to be registered to the current owner. If you are not sure whether your dog is registered go to www.fido.ie and type in your dogs microchip, then follow the instructions. If don’t have your dogs chip number to hand you may have it scanned at Your Local Vets free of charge.

Dog preparing for microchip insertion
Petcare Vet Charlesland: weighing Pepper in the consulting room

What Is A Microchip?

A microchip is the size of an uncooked grain of rice and is inserted beneath the loose skin at the shoulder blades (“the scruff) for dogs, cats and rabbits.

How Big a Procedure is Microchipping for My Pet?

No sedation or anaesthetic is required for dogs cats or rabbits and it can be done by a Vet or a Veterinary Nurse. It is inserted by way of a simple injection.

Other animals such as birds and reptiles may have a microchip inserted too however the location will depend on the species and often a local anaesthetic is required and so they may need to have a slightly longer stay at the vets for this minor procedure.

How Will the Microchip Help Me Get My Pet Back?

Vets and some Breeders and Animal Shelters will have a Microchip Scanner. When a scanner is passed over the shoulder blade  area a number or code pops up on the Scanner, this number can then be typed into the database by someone who is registered Fido, and the details of the pets owner will be made available to them to allow the pet to be reunited with their rightful owner.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Being Microchipped?

Swimming, grooming and shampooing must be restricted for three days post microchipping, as well as application of any topical products. The area should not be over handled for the subsequent two days. 
Occasionally a Microchip may “Migrate”, this means it moves to another area under the skin such as the belly or the side of the chest. This will not harm your pet and can happen over a number of months or years. Other reactions such as infections are extremely unlikely.

Does The Microchip Contain A GPS So I Can Track The Movement Of My Pet?

No. There is no GPS technology within the microchip. It merely contains a series of numbers that can be read once a scanner is passed over the area.