Top Tips for Back To School Time for Pets!

So its that time of the year again, time for school bags, packed lunches and the daily routine. But its also time to get your pet ready for being left alone in a quiet house.. Here are 2 simple tips to help ease your dog, cat or rabbit back into the winter routine.


1) Distractions

Interactive toys such as Kong products and puzzle games are a great way to occupy your dogs mind.Ensure that the toy is safe for the dog to have while unsupervised, e.g there are no choking hazards . A Kong icepop is a good option. ( Kong filled with wet kibble and placed in the freezer to expand and freeze into a ice pop). Leaving a radio on and a light on in the darker winter months can help as well.


If your dog has to stay at home for extended periods of time a local dog walker or reliable neighbour could visit your dog once a day for a walk and playtime at the same time each day. This is very beneficial to ease anxiety in your dog and ward off boredom.


1) Feeding Times

Keep these the same on the days when there is school and when there is no school for your cats sake, this will reduce stress.

2) Safe Access to Roam Indoors and Out

If your cat is used to going outside for periods of the day ensure that this is possible and that they can also come back in when they need to . This can be achieved by use of cat flap, and open window if it is safe to do so, or a an outdoor shelter to which there is access. Locking a cat indoors all of sudden during school hours will cause stress . Either way this needs to be though of in advance to work out the best solution for your own situation.


1)Clean Bedding & Water

Rabbits are often kept by school kids as pets and they should be kept as pairs to keep them happy. Although a rabbit does not need much handling or interaction it is really important that their water and bedding is not neglected during school and winter months. It is a great idea to incorporate bedding and water changes at the same time of the school day, perhaps before dinner or after homework etc.

2) Feeding Regime

As for other pets feeding at the same time of day each day is a great way to helps to reduce stress. This is a quick check and top of hay and can be incorporated into the daily school routine twice daily.

Good Luck with the new Back to School Routine and the Winter Months! Enjoy incorporating good pet care into your school kids day.

Article By Mairead Kilbride MVB and Maria Reidy RVN

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